Do you want to live a unique experience?

The association "Las Ecohuerteras" opens its doors to welcome you to its rural and authentic environment.

This trip is a return to nature 

You will experience that journey as a return to nature. 

La Leonera Farmer's and Cultural Market

We warmly invite you to visit our unique market! You'll discover a dazzling variety of 100% organic produce carefully harvested from our local farms, where a passion for sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming is reflected in every food item on offer. Explore our vast selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, lovingly grown to preserve the natural richness of the soil.

Ecohuerteras make a healthy territory

We are proud to play an active part in our community, participating in a variety of exciting activities that aim to build and enhance our territory with a deep respect for our environment and heritage. Through responsible and sustainable initiatives, we strive to create a bright future for our region, with a focus on preserving our natural resources, developing innovative solutions and nurturing our local talent.

Our great team

These are our collaborators who will accompany you during your stay